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NSA in Quebec

Text and Image Copyright Notice. Published under copyright by Loveawake. © Copyright 2010-2021. All rights reserved.

Approach 29: Went in the FCUK store and asked a HB if she knew where there was a good tailor. She responded with a few places that she knew of. I told her how it was so hard to find a good fitting pair of jeans and that I needed to find a good tailor to alter my clothes. There was some small talk and then I left.

Approach 30: In the Banana Republic, I used the “tailor opener” again on a cute HB. Had some small talk then ejected.

Approach 31: While looking around in Banana Republic I asked a woman her opinion on two different shirts I was considering buying. She gave me an answer and fled the scene.

Approach 32: Approached clerk in candy shop with the tailor opener. We talked a bit about jeans and then I ejected.

Approach 33: Used the tailor opener on the info desk lady and ejected.

Approach 34: Went into a small euro clothing store and used the tailor opener on a hot HB9 and ended up having a small conversation with her and another HB in the store.

Tuesday – Karaoke Night

Approach 35: It was slim pickings tonight but manage to get in one approach. Went up to a cute HB near the stage and complimented her on her earlier singing. She said thanks and ignored me after that. Oh well.

Thursday – Local Pub

I haven’t done any sarging since Tuesday because of a stomach bug that put me out of action. I was feeling a bit better by this night and decided to grab a few drinks at the local pub.

Approach 36: It was last call and I had just ordered my last drink. I see a HB standing in the middle of the floor by herself. I walk up to her.

Savage: Hey you look a bit lost. You lose your friends or something?
HBdenver: haha, no they are just outside smoking
Savage: Ah, well maybe I can get your advice on something until they come back
HBdenver: Ok, what is it?

I go into my revolving door opener/DHV story. She gets into it and we get a good conversation going about it. I steer the conversation into fluff talk and I find out that she is from Denver, her flight got cancelled due to snow and is now stuck in Boston for who knows how long. At this point her friend and sister swoop in on us and starts asking me all sorts of questions.

HBsister: What’s your middle name?
Savage: Uh, it’s xxxxxxxx
HBfriend: What’s your first name?
Savage: Matt
HBsister: What’s your last name?
Savage: Savage
HBsister: well, Matt x. Savage, why are you hitting on my sister? (in a stern tone)
Savage: because I think she’s really cute (with a sincere smile)
HBsister: ah, that’s a good answer (smiling). (she then whispers in my ear) We are leaving soon, so you better hurry up and close the deal.

Wow. At this point I’m a bit stunned by the onslaught of HBsister and her eventual approval of me hitting on her sister. Also, when I gave the reason for HBdenver being really cute I was standing right in front of her and she definitely heard it because she blushed.

HBsister and HBfriend then leave me alone with HBdenver as I begin to go for the #close. Before I could do this, I suddenly get AMOGed by two dudes who had apparently been talking to HBdenver earlier. Luckily, I didn’t have to do anything to disarm them as they blew themselves out when one of the dudes went in for a premature kiss and got slapped in the face! Haha, oh shit, the look on his face was the funniest thing I’ve seen all month. Naturally, this prompted the dudes to flee the scene in utter embarrassment.

After this little circus, HBsister was motioning that they were leaving, so I pull HBdenver in close to me,

Savage: We should rock out again if you are still in town tomorrow
HBdenver: yea ok
Savage: What’s a good way to get in touch with you?
HBdenver: I can give you my number
Savage: Hmmm, that’s just crazy enough to work:)

I go to pull out my phone so she can type her number in but she stops me and says that I have to remember it…WTF! I say, “ok tell it to me.” Luckily she gave me some crazy acronym to remember it by in which I repeated to myself several times so I could remember. I tell her bye and give her kiss on the cheek. She leaves the bar.

After she leaves, I write the number down on a cocktail napkin so I don’t forget it. When I get home I send her the following text message:

Have a g’night.

She quickly replies with a simple, “thanks.”

I will call her after I finish writing this to attempt a day2 setup. Will keep you all posted.


Well, not too many approaches here but the HBdenver #close was definitely a nice little reward to doing all these approaches. I doubt I’ll get up to 100 approaches in the next few days but will continue the mission into January until it is complete. The whole point is to get it done no matter how long the time period.

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