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December Blitz

Text and Image Copyright Notice. Published under copyright by Loveawake. © Copyright 2010-2021. All rights reserved.

Friday – Pool Hall and Dance Venue

Approach 37: While waiting for a pool table, I notice a group of HBs standing near us. I approach and ask if they are waiting for table too. As I am about to get into more conversation, they decide to leave.

Approach 38: I wasn’t going to count this one, but my wingman said it was money and that it counts as an approach, so here it is. I am flirting with one of the waitresses as I have been doing all night. At one point I ask her to come downstairs and dance. She says she can’t right now because she is working. I tell her to call in sick. She laughs at this, kinos my arm, and says maybe next time.

Approach 39: I’m ordering at the bar and there is a HB standing next to me. I open her with the revolving door story. At first she seemed to have her guard up a bit but by the end of the story she was smiling and much more receptive. She gets her drinks and says it was nice talking to me.

Approach 40: I’m on the dance floor and see two HBs dancing with each other. I get eye contact with one and motion for her hand. She gives it to me and I twirl her and dance with her a bit. Eventually, she pulls away from me for some reason and the two HBs move to a different section of the bar.

Approach 41: Still on the dance floor. I see another group of two HBs dancing together. I approach and ask them to dance. Once of them complies and dances for about two seconds, when she says she can’t dance. She then bolts back to her HB friend clearly blowing me out. At this point I’m getting frustrated and just leave to go home.

Saturday – Pub Crawl

I was invited to partake in a pub crawl in which I met up with a few old friends. It was also a great way to meet HBs. Here’s the thing though. Because I already knew people there and was being introduced to many HBs throughout the night, they don’t count as cold approaches. I’m not saying that the night wasn’t productive in practicing game, because it most certainly was. I was able to use some of my DHV stories many times and also work on the art of flirting quite a bit.

By the end of this night I was actually getting pretty cozy with one HB in particular (I’ll call her Snoopy Girl). This girl was definitely the type of woman I am looking for in my life. Not only is she incredibly beautiful but she is fun and full of life….which I like. When I saw her, I was immediately flirty with her and she basically reciprocated in her own flirty way. She hung around me for the rest of night and eventually we were kinoing each other here and there. I never went for the kiss close, which I probably should have, but instead just settled for the digits. I’ll have to be careful though and not get oneitis for her. I’ll keep you all posted if I see her again.

Other than my escapades with Snoopy Girl I did manage two solid cold approaches during the night.

Approach 42: I’m wearing a sash as part of the pub crawl insignia. I notice two girls not associated with the pub crawl looking at my sash. I approach them and say,

Savage: I noticed you were admiring my sash
HB: yea I saw some other people with those too, what does it mean?
Savage: oh well, we’re all part of a pub crawl, and everyone in it gets a sash
HB: Oh wow that’s cool, can I have one?
Savage: Only if you join up with are pub crawl
HB: oh we can’t we have to go soon
Savage: Awwww, sorry, you can’t have one then. You’ll just have to look at mine in the meantime
HB: haha, ok

I small talk with these girls for a bit until they eventually leave the bar.

Approach 43: There is a really hot red head sitting at the bar with some dude. I go up to the bar next to her to order a drink. I notice some guys near us are doing some crazy shots. I turn to the HB and ask her what those two clowns are drinking. She giggles and says she doesn’t know. I then turn to the two guys and ask them what it is. They tell me, so I then turn back to the HB and tell her what kind of shots they are. She is amused. I get my drink and eject.

Sunday – New Years Eve Party

New Years Eve was much like the previous night in that it was pretty much composed of people in my social circle. I knew everyone at the party and didn’t even think about running game. This night was just about having a good time, which I did.


Ok, so it is the end of December and I have totaled up 43 cold approaches. I didn’t reach the 100 mark but that’s ok. I still did more approaches in December then I have done for any other month in my life. This is just one small baby step in the whole pick up artist process. I will continue to do approaches throughout the 2007 year and bump the goal to 1,000 approaches. I noticed some other bloggers with the same 1,000 approach goal. Hopefully we can keep each other motivated to completing these by the end of the year.

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